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The Zag is an occasional newsletter with the top hand-picked personal finance & mindful productivity ideas for location-independent professionals.

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The art of designing your best life

Remote work has liberated us from rigid 9-5 schedules, expensive cities and the constraints of “normal” life.But too often, we default to overworking and underleveraging our financial flexibility — eroding our freedom instead of enhancing it.The Zag is about unlocking the potential of remote work to free up your time and optimize your spending, investments, taxes and beyond.So you can live your life on your terms.


Who's Behind The Zag?

Hey, 👋 I'm Nadia.I’m a reader, thinker & conversion copywriter — and I’ve been location independent for 6+ years.I currently split my time between Georgia (the country south of Russia), Scotland & Denver while managing copy/content/email for an 8-figure ecommerce company.I’m glad you’re here.

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